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Can the canned dating advice

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Amazon echo giving dating advice
Everyone is trying to give dating advice

The thing about dating advice is that it is commonly given as one size fits all.

Let’s look at some common advice being given out and see if it sounds familiar to you.

The number one commonly given piece of dating advice is, play hard to get. It’s been called the holy grail of dating rules. There’s also the 2-Day rule advice from eHarmony that says to wait at least two days after initial contact with someone you’re interested in before getting in touch with them.

When I first read that it was called the 48-hour rule and I thought it was some kind of virus warning.

The obvious problem with this is that we’re not all alike. We’re not only vastly different from one another as evidenced by personality tests like the Myers Briggs, but we have gender differences in the way we approach things as well. Add to that our cultural, environmental and educational differences and there’s no way that one piece of dating advice fits all.

Luckily we have people who’ve wrapped up personality styles for us in neat little packages like Myers Briggs and DISC. They are telling, and neat things to read about ourselves. However, I don’t know about you, but I’m putting my little personality test in the drawer after I read it. Plus, none of these are specific to how we interrelate in areas of love, romance, even sexuality.

So how do we get simple, solid dating advice?

Rather than translating old systems and identifying key traits and indicators of personality — blah blah blah– (boring!) I came up with fun, easy to remember indicators using an acronym based on the flame of a candle. It’s called WIKS and it illuminates all of your relationships.

Just for you, right here, right now I’m unveiling the beginning of a new way to understand relationships.

Introducing the Four Flames of WIKS:

The WATCHER makes sure it’s safe to have a flame and watches to make sure it doesn’t burn out of control.

The IGNITER lights the flame with their excitement and passion.

The KEEPER tends the flame and doesn’t let it go out.

The STARTER is the electric current that starts the process over again.

These relationship indicators are based on the works of Hippocrates, William Moulton Marston, and more recently DISC. Since I’ve begun my research I’ve added Nikola Tesla to the list, who quoted these same indicators, in an account he gave of the four laws of creation, that line up directly with the four steps God took noted in Genesis to create us and this universe we live in (pretty cool stuff).

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Until next time, Stay HOT!

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