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Impress the world with your gifts; How to buy the perfect gift every time.

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If you’re reading this, you probably care a great deal about buying gifts that leave a lasting impression. Not everyone does care what gifts they buy, do they? Some people don’t even buy gifts, less put a lot of thought into them.

But what if you could understand people around you enough to know, just by looking at them, what type of gift they might like?

Wouldn’t it make shopping for family and friends easier?


What you are about to read may help you relate better to everyone around you.

It can’t be that easy, can it? I’m happy to tell you that it can.

Before Meyers Briggs, DiSC, or the four temperaments ever came along, there was Hippocrates with the four humors, and those were expanded on by Galen and many others in the ancient world. Before all of them, in the biblical account of creation written in Genesis, we see God using these same four attributes to create all things.

Understanding all four ways of interacting with the world around us is an easy way to understand and embrace our differences. For now, we are just going to use them to help you buy gifts for the holidays that your family and friends will love!


The first-ever to enter the scene are the Watchers. They do precisely that — watch. They are quiet, watching things sometimes from afar. You can be sure they are watching with a measuring stick because they like to gain knowledge and become the experts. They might appreciate books or any other educational materials about their specific interests (if they aren’t the experts already). They are cautious and don’t like change, so pay attention to recurring gifts they may like that have been dependable for them in the past. A beauty product they love and know works, kitchen accessories or tools they might need to be replaced. They are Watchers so, they are conscientious and will appreciate a romantic gift, but it won’t have as big of an impression on them as the ideas mentioned above. A forewarning about romantic gifts for the Watchers, though. They have very high standards, so a romantic gift like jewelry or a trip shouldn’t be cheap.


Our next set of individuals are the Igniters. Metaphorically, they bring light to the world! Since you are reading this, you care about the gifts you buy and may also be an Igniter. Igniters will appreciate almost any gift they receive. They might not love it, but you will never know because relationships are high on their list of priorities. If you give them a gift, they will always be touched and show appreciation. They value your time over a gift from you. A perfect gift would be taking them out to a social event or gift certificates to dinner or functions they can take people to. They like shiny, new things that are different, such as novelty gifts. A bonus for you — the Igniters appreciate the effort you put into wrapping pretty packages.


Next on the scene are our Keepers. They literally tend and keep the land for us. These are the loyal, supportive family and friends in our lives. They enjoy memory gifts such as pictures, albums, scrapbooks, and keepsakes from trips you’ve had because high on their values are support and collaboration, and stability. If you give them a homemade gift, it is meaningful to them, and they may just keep it on their shelf forever. If you decide to gift something you made, impress them more by making it something specifically meaningful to you both. They really like sincere appreciation for how much they’ve been supporting you.


The last of our four also starts us over — the Starters. We see them going out and multiplying to sustain life and push things forward and keep things going. They like big, expensive toys. Go big or go home is their motto. If you don’t have a lot of money, they do have a sentimental side. You can give them a gift that makes them feel appreciated, something you put thought into. Pay attention to their interests. I once knew a Starter who went to college for Architecture. He ended up in another business in life, but his appeal to buildings was always there. I was out shopping at Christmas and spotted a very large, expensive ‘looking’ Architecture’s Almanac for him. It was a huge surprise. He took it to work, and not only was it a great conversation piece about his past for customers but thumbing through the pages was super enjoyable to him.

Let me know if this was helpful or if you spotted yourself in one of these four in the comments below.

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Until next time,

Stay HOT!

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