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The Power of a Candle

Candle Contemplations by Anne Cook

Lately I’ve been considering candles and what purpose they serve in our lives.

With the Anne Cook Collection, I have sought to bring functionality to every single candle. Our candles are always more than just an aesthetic in the room, but add fun, joy, romance . . . and a touch of something more to your life. But I’ve been wondering if people really want anything more out of their candles but a soft flame and esthetics, because as I talk to customers, I’m finding that people love the basic simplicity a candle brings.

The simple glow of candlelight in any room has the power to change the atmosphere dramatically. The flame brings us into stillness, adds meaning to the pauses between our words, and brings an element of togetherness to any conversation.

Before there was electricity, we read, talked, laughed and danced by fire light at night. I believe candles have the power to reach back to that place, and remind us who we are, people who connect and love one another.

May you have more and more love in your life, and,

Stay HOT!

Love Anne

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