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What your sleep position says about you

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

how a person sleeps can tell you a lot, or can it?
What your sleep position says about your personality

I had no idea when I started researching sleep positions that it would lead to so much information. There are entire books devoted to the psychology of sleeping. There’s how you sleep, where you sleep, who you sleep with and what you sleep on. And that’s just the beginning.

Be assured that if you need help sleeping there’s endless information available to try a new method every night. And if you need help sleeping with someone, the same rule applies!

The following sleep positions and what they mean can apply to women or men.

According to the Science of People if you sleep in the FETAL POSITION you may be looking for some comfort. You also may have a hard shell: tough on the outside, but soft on the inside and have a shy misdemeanor at first.

If you sleep lying ON YOUR BACK with your arms wrapped around your head then you make friends a priority. You do anything in your power to help people you hold dear. You tend to be a very positive person.

Let’s say you’re the type that TAKES UP THE ENTIRE BED. If you do this, than you are a great listener. You don’t have the need to be the center of attention. You enjoy your friends and being a helper to them.

If you LAY ON YOUR SIDE then you are probably known as a social butterfly. You are friendly, carefree and popular. You may be a little too trusting sometimes. 

Now, go sleep together!

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