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The Home Spa Candle from the Anne Cook Collection is a candle, the ulitmate self-care experience, is a spa and a candle, in one.


This candle isn't made with traditional wax, like other candles you buy. The Home Spa Candle is 1.5 ounces of exquisite blend of soy and essential oils. It burns at a low temperature, causing the melted pool of oil to be warm to the touch and feel like silk on the skin.


Unlike other, strongly scented candles, Anne Cook Collection candles come in a lightly scented or unscented blends to designed to be tender on the skin and provide options for those with allergies.



Your Home Spa Candle comes with free acupressure instructions and bamboo spoon and an option to send with a personal note from you. This gorgeous candle is boxed in rose petals with an inspirational saying to make the perfect gift to mail to a loved one. 



Home Spa Candle