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Use a massage oil candle on your partner with confidence and ease.


In this 40-page beginners guide you'll discover the five basic steps for backrubs and master the tantalizing foot massage. Discover how you can add dimensions to your special night by giving more than just a massage, but ways to set up 'the scene' and how to prepare your partner and start having fun way before the candle is lit.


Round off your gift set wtih this complete guide to using the Anne Cook Collection massage oil candles. A must have if you have never used a massage candle before. This is a perfect addition to a gift set.




Couples Art of Candle Massage Guide Book

  • IMAGINE . . . her, captivated by the flame, as you lift the sleek, black jar and hold it in your hands. Her breathing quickens and you stop to feel the rush before pouring the warm, massage oil slowly, and seductively over her body . . . the rest of the story belongs only to you both, as every time the candle is lit, whether you use it as an ornament in your home, or on your bedside for an evening of romance, you'll remember the first time you both lit an Anne Cook Collection candle.

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